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Amanda Pratscher, MA, LPC

Is your teen under a lot of personal or academic stress? Do they seem unhappy much of the time, or irritable? Are they spending most of their free time online or playing video games?

Coming into counseling can be one of the most challenging things a teen or parent can do for themselves. Today’s young people struggle more than ever with emotional and mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem/self-worth, stress management, peer conflicts, academic pressure, and complicated adjustments. These challenges often make us feel lost, alone, and hopeless. I want you to know, you are not alone, and there is help. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with my master’s in Education and Counseling who specializes in helping preteens, adolescents, parents, and adults overcome life’s challenges.

My approach is non-judgements, collaborative and supportive. I help teens navigate these challenging waters both individually and in group settings to create positive change and strategies unique to the individual. In addition, I am a 17-year Veteran serving in the Navy reserves making me uniquely able to help Military and First Responder families.

My engaging style and collaborative, non-judgmental approach provide the safe space today’s teens need to grow, learn, and explore healthy strategies to better manage this stage of life. Through encouragement, goal setting, and a focus on personal responsibility, I help my clients gain insight and navigate challenges toward a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Don’t suffer alone anymore, call today and let’s take this journey together.